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Xiaomi Mi Band 7 : What’s New

Xiaomi Mi Band 7

Xiaomi just launched Xiaomi Mi Band 7 a new iteration in the Mi Band series. Mi Band range is one of the most famous name in fitness tracker series. Mi Band series is cheap and provides most of the features that customer would need in a fitness tracker. Every year Xiaomi launches a new version of its Mi Band lets see what Xiaomi has improved this time.

Mi Band 7 : Design

Xiaomi Mi Band 7

When it comes to design Mi Band 7 follows the same design like its predecessors. Mi Band 7 has a pill shape design but this time the band is bigger due to the increase in display size. Mi Band 7 now has 1.67-inch AMOLED display compared to last years 1.57-inch display of Mi Band 6. This increases the viewing area by 25% but pixel density of the display remains the same 326 PPI. Xiaomi has also tweaked the overall UI of the Mi Band 7 to better take advantage of the bigger display. Mi Band 7 has 100 customizable band faces. Xiaomi introduced two new band colors with Mi Band 7 Camouflage and Fluorescent.

Mi Band 7 : Health Tracking and other Features

Mi Band 7 brings four new sports data analysis measure training load, recovery time, maximum oxygen intake, and aerobic/anaerobic training effects. The Mi Band 7 brings 120 sports modes, covering outdoor sports and indoor exercises, including gym training, aerobics, and more. There are some more improvements with all day blood oxygen metering. Mi Band 7 now will vibrate to alert the user if the blood oxygen gets below 90%. This is a great feature for mountaineers and long distance runners.

In addition, the Mi Band 7 also supports all-day heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, stress monitoring, women’s health tracking, breathing training, and other popular health-tracking functions.

Band 7 supports 5 ATM water resistance like its predecessors and comes with 180mAH battery which xiaomi claims should last 14 days of heavy usage.

Mi Band Series has improved a lot over the years with every year it becomes better. Mi Band 7 surely is a affordable and good looking fitness tracker.

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